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Exchange of university places

Application and enrolment in six steps

The description below applies for the enrolment at a German university after exchanging university places: if you want to change your place of study by exchanging university places, you need an exchange partner who is in the same programme and in the same subject semester (for the subject of medicine: in the same pre-clinical / clinical semester) at a university and has accumulated a similar amount of credits / study achievements.

You can apply for exchanging university places in writing. You can download the form necessary to do so here. You can fill it in on your computer, print it out, and mail it to us before the given deadline. The deadline is the start of lectures for a given term. The application form lists additional proof or documents required.

Admission / refusal
Your application will be evaluated by the university. You will be notified of your admission or refusal.

Submitting data via online
You can request your enrolment at Göttingen University by means of an online form (data collection).

Sending in your documents by e-mail
After submitting your data you will receive the number of your application and a printable list of the documents that you are required to send to the university by e-mail.

Transferring the semester fees
Once you have mailed the documents please transfer the semester fees to the university's bank account. Your enrolment will be handled only after your payment has been received. Please state your application number, your name, and the respective starting semester on the money transfer form.

Confirmation by the university
You will be mailed a confirmation (including a temporary student ID, a confirmation of enrolment, etc.) automatically.