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Proof of language proficiency during the course of studies

The acquisition of subject-related language proficiency is a part of the dual-subject Bachelor’s degree programme in many subjects; such language skills are an integral part of the course of studies.

You will find specific information about this topic in the descriptions of the individual subjects under “Study programmes from A – Z”.

Latin/ancient Greek
In the subjects of classical philology, proof of proficiency in Latin and/or ancient Greek is required as an entry qualification for certain modules. This applies to dual-subject Bachelor’s degree programmes with and without qualification for the teaching profession.

The requirements for Protestant Religion (for the teaching profession) include the intermediate Latin certificate as well as proficiency in ancient Greek.

For studies in Theology, certificates of proficiency in Latin, ancient Greek and Hebrew are required as prerequisites for the intermediate examination.

Relevant language courses are available prior to as well as during the course of studies.