In publica commoda

Honorary Professor

In accordance with § 35 par. 1 Lower Saxony Higher Education Act (‘Niedersächsiches Hochschulgesetz – NHG), scholars or those identified through professional practice can be appointed as honorary professors. Under public law, they are in a legal relationship with the University of Göttingen and are entitled to assume the title of “Honorary Professor”.

The prerequisites for this are that they are not members of this University, they are suitable for teaching activities and scholarly or artistic activity, the scholarly or artistic duties meet the requirements placed on the professors, and the appointment supplements the curriculum in a major way.

Honorary professors can be granted compensation for teaching for lectures that are required to complete the curricular requirements, exclusively within the scope of a teaching contract as long as they continue to otherwise hold non-compensated lectures within the scope defined.

Honorary professors can participate in exams and research. The right to participate in examinations is determined by the University’s examination regulations, graduation regulations, and postdoctoral qualifications.

The minimum amount of lectures must be at least one lecture unit (‘Lehrveranstaltungsstunden' – LVS) and is specified in the appointment.

The appointment can be made upon request of the respective faculty.

Extra-ordinary Professors
In accordance with § 35 a NHG, the title of Extra-ordinary Professor (male or female) can be conferred to persons for the duration of the teaching duties insofar as they comply with the conditions of employment for professors. A prerequisite for this is proof of multiple years of successful teaching. The Regulation on the Post-Doctoral Lecturing Qualification (‘Habilitationsordnung’) provides more detailed information.

Upon termination of their service or employment relationship, junior professors may bear the title of -“extra-ordinary professor (außerplanmäßige/außerplanmäßiger Professorin/Professor – apl. Prof.) if they are not further employed as a professor provided they perform these duties as part of their teaching.