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Innovation management and technology promotion

Universities and research institutions help companies and society to shape the future and successfully adapt to change. They are important drivers of innovation that contribute to economic and social success and to the future viability of society and the regional environment. In addition to teaching and research, the "third mission" of universities is gaining enormous importance. Innovation management supports this mission by transferring knowledge and technology from research to business and society. We support scientists, students and alumni/alumnae in making their research results, methods and competences usable beyond their own scientific community - from the idea to the application! We help to identify innovative potential, advise scientists on transfer opportunities and support and accompany them in their search for suitable funding programmes, cooperation partners, important contacts or mentors

Dr. Liv Kalbitzer
0551 39-24285

Amrie Landwehr
Innovationsscout SNIC
0551 39-26227

Dr. Annemone Radleff-Schlimme
Innovationsscout SNIC
0551 39-21738

Dr. Florian Pahlke
Manager Wissenstransfer SNIC
0551 39-24283

Let's enter into dialogue with a transfer talk!

We can discuss your research activities, cooperation or other transfer opportunities and suitable funding in a personal meeting. We will also be happy to direct you to the right people when it comes to patenting/licensing or legal questions about cooperation projects or contract research.

Identify Potential

As innovation scouts and managers, we bring a new perspective when looking at your research results, methods and competences. Together we discuss ideas for further application and cooperation possibilities - often we can connect you with new research and cooperation partners.

Advise & Support

We advise and support you in planning the next steps and finding suitable funding. Important questions can be: Which property rights should be asserted? Is patenting possible and sensible? How big is the market potential? Which funding programmes can be considered for validation? Which transfer path can be taken? For example, the path can lead via validation funding to an industrial cooperation or a spin-off.

Accompany & Guide

We support scientists in finding the right support for their project by:

  • help you find the right contact person for your questions if we cannot help you directly.
  • provide introductory information on IP rights and patenting and establish contacts with colleagues from MBM ScienceBridge GmbH.
  • refer you to tailor-made qualification and information events.
  • support you together with the start-up consultancy in the preparation of business plans, market analyses, etc.