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Start-up support

We support you from the idea to the foundation.

Our services are aimed at students, young professionals and employees of the Göttingen universities and research institutions. The founding team of the Cooperation and Innovation staff unit is supplemented by the founding officers of the faculties.

We offer workshops and special event formats for founders and those interested in founding a company. In the News section (right), semester programme in the semester programme and on facebook, we will inform you when new dates are available. Since 2020, the University of Göttingen has received EXIST funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The EXIST program can be used to support start-up projects at the University of Göttingen. Here you can get more information about EXIST
Many questions about starting your own business can best be clarified in a confidential conversation. Meet with us. We will inform you about funding opportunities and supporting offers from the idea to the foundation.

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In the Pre-Incubator, potential founders have the opportunity to work on the implementation of their idea. They receive the necessary infrastructure and a wide range of advisory services free of charge to prepare themselves for their foundation and to exchange ideas with like-minded people.

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The pre-incubator is offered by the SNIC (SüdniedersachsenInnovationsCampus [SouthLowerSaxonyInnovationCampus]) and is supported with regard to funding and personnel by the University of Göttingen.
The SNIC-Accelerator provides intensive support for start-ups and spin-offs in the start-up process for around six months. The teams are supported by entrepreneurs and researchers as sparring partners, mentors accompany the process, and a coordinator supervises the teams. Office space and consulting services are provided free of charge.

Information on the SNIC Accelerator, the admission process and start-up teams already in the Accelerator can be found at

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Dirk Kautz by e-mail.
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Do you have any questions about funding opportunities for those interested in starting up a company and active start-ups? We will be happy to advise you.
LIFT-OFF Start-Up Competition

On 13 June 2019 around 240 interested people came to the final of the LIFT-OFF start-up competition 2019 in the Alte Mensa. This year, for the first time, a prize was awarded in the "Science" category and a special prize in the "Life Sciences" category. We thank all participants and are already looking forward to the next round of the competition in 2020.

The competition is intended to strengthen the academic start-up culture in the region of Südniedersachsen. For this purpose, the competition is aimed both at those interested in starting a company and at active start-ups. Students or employees of the University of Göttingen, the institutions of the Göttingen Campus or the Südniedersachsen Innovation Campus (SNIC) can participate.

Here you will find a selection of competitions that are held regularly, sorted chronologically according to the closing date for applications.
Do you see a competition missing from the list? Please feel free to send us an E-Mail!
Target Group:
Startups with an idea, solution or product facilitating personal mobility that operates or is used collectively or on a sharing basis

1. Place: 10.000€ and a stand at the next Transports Publics

Here you can find all information about the Smart Move Challenge.

Target Group:
Anybody who wants to found a Med-Tech-Startup


Here you can find all information about the MedTech Startup School.

Target Group:
Students from Germany, Switzerland and the yearly changing partner country (2018: Uganda) with ideas to fight the "hidden hunger"

1. Place: 10.000€ funding for the idea realization in the partner country of the year

Here you can find all information about the Students4Kids competition.

Target Group:
Europe-based start-ups with an idea to tackle the global waste challenge

The winner reveices:
prize money: 25.000€

Here you can find all information about the Green Alley Award.

Target Group:
Women who already founded an innovative company and furthermore profited from private or public sector research or innovation funds.

1. Place: 100.000€
2. Place: 50.000€
3. Place: 30.000€
Rising Innovator: 20.000€

Here you can find all information about the EU Prize for Women Innovators.

Target Group:
Talents like programmers, user-experience experts, designer, business developer, project manager and everybody with entrepreneurial thinking


Here you can find all information about the AR/VR Hackathon.

Target Group:
Innovative Start-ups with a finished product or prototype in growing branches (2017: Digital Health, IoT, Travel & Tourism)

5.000€ for every winner

Here you can find all information about the Innovator's Pitch.

Portraits of Start-ups at the University and the Göttingen Campus

With this project, the construction, planning and implementation of a business model for an innovative shelving system are concretised.

The individual shelf elements (components) of this system are all independent. In addition, all modules can be combined and expanded horizontally, vertically and offset. The modules are available in different sizes and with options for doors or drawers.

The CUBAX team is based in the offices of the SNIC Pre-Incubator.

Learn more about CUBAX in our portrait.

Cooking is an activity that unites all people because food and drink are basic needs.

The Kochen als Brücke (Cooking as a Bridge) project aims to design, develop and distribute a cooking magazine for the Göttingen area in cooperation with refugees.
The cooking magazine will not only contain international recipes of refugees from different countries of origin, but also their stories and narratives of their escape or "former" life.

The team of Kochen als Brücke is based in the offices of the SNIC Pre-Incubator.

Learn more about "Kochen als Brücke" in our portrait.

The MosaikWald Foundation intends to provide a link that has been missing up to now between the general interest of the German population in nature conservation, the economy and the 1.8 million private forest owners.

The team of MosaikWald is based in the offices of the SNIC Pre-Incubator.

Learn more about MosaikWald in our portrait.

Due to poverty, religious traditions and a low level of education, a large proportion of all women are still disadvantaged today because of their menses. In most countries, it is the poor classes that particularly lack access to suitable hygiene products. Many women are described as "impure" and are excluded from society during their menstruation.

We see our task in tackling this problem. We want to teach women how to make sanitary towels from locally available raw materials and then sell them. We will test a prototype in Tanzania.

The team of ONCE A MONTH is based in the offices of the SNIC Pre-Incubator.

Learn more about ONCE A MONTH in our portrait.

In certain situations (work, studies, visits to the doctor, lawyers, etc.) deaf people have a legal right to an interpreter (equal opportunity measure). There is currently a lack of a suitable service that greatly facilitates the process for both sides.

SIGNfind is intended to be a matching-website that automatically finds interpreters with a matching profile for a given date.

In addition, the website will include a semi-automated tool for determining interpreter costs, preparing applications and automatically settling payment of the interpreters.

The team of SIGNfind is based in the offices of the SNIC Pre-Incubator.

Learn more about SIGNfind in our portrait.

We have set ourselves the goal of tackling the problem of homelessness by working with homeless people to create an exhibition of photos taken by homeless people that reflect their perceptions of our society or portray individual lives.

The artists involved are to experience direct added value through the proceeds generated.

The exhibition should also serve as a kick-off for our company and create a permanent workspace in which tasks are advertised by private individuals who are then performed by the homeless for a small fee.

The team of Social Picture is based in the offices of the SNIC Pre-Incubator.

Learn more about Social Picture in our portrait.

Holzschutz-Sachverständigenbüro Hesselbach

Holzschutz-Sachverständigenbüro Hesselbach is the contact in the field of wood preservation.
Whether new construction or renovation, the planning of the wood preservation measures is a necessary part of the project in order to avoid wood damage due to construction errors and to maintain the advantageous properties of the material.

Learn more about Holzschutz-Sachverständigenbüro Hesselbach in our portrait.

Angiolutions is a Germany-based company that develops biomedical products for the treatment of vascular diseases. We combine current biomechanical, biological and molecular research with traditional engineering to create novel tools for the numerous challenges in vascular medicine.

Learn more about Angiolutions in our portrait.

Holocade Logo

VEELIX GmbH is a provider of virtual reality services, starting with our lounge concept.
In our lounge we offer, in a relaxed low-key atmosphere, high-quality VR-experiences, with an adventurous feel. The emphasis is placed on family friendliness and group offers, but it can be fun to experience alone or in small groups.
What we do: we connect people. What we offer is suitable for almost everyone, completely independent of age. Technical affinity is also not a prerequisite!

Learn more about VEELIX GmbH in our portrait.

Rothkamp Hamburg Logo

Rothkamp Hamburg develops simple, timeless watch designs. The Alstre & Elphy models offer the special "quick-change system" with which the strap can be changed in a few seconds to match your outfit.

Learn more about Rothkamp Hamburg in our portrait.

Kikilou Logo

Children love stories. And if they themselves are in them, their astonishment is wonderful. On our website, our customers will find a colourful selection of personalisable picture books for children aged 2 to 7. Sometimes funny, sometimes instructive, some in rhyme and with a lot of wit and poetry. Parents can upload a child's photo, enter name and gender, and their child becomes the main character in the story.

Learn more about Kikilou in our portrait.

Edutapps Logo

With Maphi, the Edutapps GmbH team has developed a maths-learning program for smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android and Windows), which is suitable for self-study and as a supplement to teaching. It imparts mathematical knowledge in a playful way and trains logical and systematic thinking.

Learn more about Edutapps in our portrait.

GreenHaus Logo

The furniture manufacturer GreenHaus produces high-quality, aesthetic and resource-efficient furniture of noticeable quality from local wood, hand-made in the region. GreenHaus stands for an integrative concept that considers business concerns as well as sustainable production, ecological materials and the integration of fair and social work practices. This concept is based on clearly defined value standards such as “handmade in the region”, "regional wood", "fair management" and "ecological and social responsibility".

Learn more about GreenHaus in our portrait.

Logo Sales Academy

The Sales Academy has been advising medium-sized companies in Germany on the subject of sales since 2016. Our focus is on digital, scalable sales processes that increase the employees' enjoyment of selling and increase the companies' sales and profits.

Learn more about Sales Academy in our portrait.

swoopstr Logo

swoopstr is an exchange app that, through its innovative operating concept, playfully animates its users to discover interesting objects in their surroundings.

Learn more about swoopstr in our portrait.

Bluebird Logo

Bluebird Mountain is Hamburg's first company for alpine rescue technology. Bluebird Mountain was founded in September 2015 by four ski and snowboard enthusiasts. Their PowderBuddy is the first flying robot for the automatic detection of buried subjects.

Learn more about Bluebird in our portrait.

YourCar Logo

Car-sharing without fixed stations, climate-neutral through the use of natural gas vehicles, complete replacement of your own car by various types of cars (vans, estate cars, etc.).

Their PowderBuddy is the first flying robot for the automatic detection of buried subjects.

Learn more about YourCar in our portrait.

Zinkler & Brandes Logo

The company Zinkler & Brandes specialises in the development of practical software solutions. Our clientele includes companies from a wide variety of industries, universities, the public sector and football league clubs. We are not a company that deals with simple problems that have already been solved - we focus on new and complex challenges. With our solutions, we not only simplify business processes, but also make it possible to establish new business models and secure competitive advantages. Our success is based on the fact that, together with our customers, we develop a common vision of the best possible software support, which we then realise and implement step-by-step.

Learn more about Björn Zinkler & Tim Brandes in our portrait.

Logo MAS Analytics

The business concept of MAS-Analytics is based on two pillars. The first pillar comprises pure analytical services, with analysis strategies optimised to customer needs, for science and business. The second pillar is based on many years of research in the field of provenance analysis using various method combinations.

Learn more about MAS-Analytics in our portrait.

HorseFuturePanel Logo

Die HorseFuturePanel UG (LLC) is a market research institute specialised in the horse industry and has developed into the leading market research portal since its foundation. A total of more than 150,000 respondents have already been interviewed in over 130 studies. The institute’s core competencies lie in the development and implementation of market research studies among equestrian and equestrian enthusiasts. As a spin-off of the Chair of Marketing for Food and Agricultural Products at the University of Göttingen (Professor A. Spiller), it is possible to combine application-oriented market research with the latest scientific findings. These competencies help to strengthen the competitiveness and market positioning of a wide range of customers from the horse industry.

Learn more about HorseFuturePanel in our portrait.

Nagl & Vetter Logo

Thanks to our many years of experience in the development of specialised automation solutions as well as measurement, control and positioning systems for use in research at international research centres such as CERN, we are able to solve complex development challenges reliably and efficiently. We make these capabilities available to our customers in the form of development services. At the same time, we develop and market our own products that address applications in the fields of automation and electronics. A special advantage for our customers is that we cover all essential tasks in product development in the field of electronics/electromechanics as well as in automation projects. This includes circuit diagram development, layout, electromechanics, mechanics, software/firmware programming, production tests, the implementation of web and cloud technologies, plant planning and the conceptual design of safety equipment.

Learn more about Nagl & Vetter in our portrait.

TeamEinsNull Logo

The TeamEinsNull focuses on the areas of communication (classical advertising agency services), sponsoring (consultation for professional sport clubs and companies that would like to become active in sponsoring sports) and events (planning and carrying out e.g. company and sport events). The field of activity of TeamEinsNull is in many cases the football Bundesliga[German soccer league], the basketball Bundesliga [German basketball league], international football matches as well as major fairs and events.

Learn more about TeamEinsNull in our portrait.

Malamut Logo

It is our mission to recognise, unlock and develop potential. With our scientifically based product range and our highly qualified trainers, we support the development of top (start-up) teams as well as individual managers and prospective entrepreneurs.
Even as early as during their school days in Duderstadt, they developed a student and teaching material administration system with online lending, inventorying, label printing, demand assessment as well as financial planning.

Learn more about Malamut Team Catalyst in our portrait.

Logo cpm systems

Already during their school time in Duderstadt they developed a pupil and learning material administration with online lending, inventory, label printing, demand determination as well as financial planning.
As a further product, the information platform for students (IPS2) was established, which was developed in cooperation with the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Göttingen. IPS2 enables students to overview their entire studies with all restrictions, to plan and to receive information from different systems.

Learn more about cpm systems in our portrait.

PortaCellTec Logo

In vitro studies on the characterisation of membrane transport of drugs via clinically relevant transport proteins. During drug development, there are FDA and EMA guidelines that prescribe such investigations in the context of ADME. With this business idea in mind, PortaCellTec has been successfully developing and commercializing cell-based transporter assays for the research-based pharmaceutical industry since 2009.

Learn more about PortaCellTec in our portrait.

BioViotica Logo

Bioviotica Naturstoffe GmbH produces and sells research reagents that are in demand on the world market which are made from biologically active natural substances isolated from bacteria and fungi.

Learn more about Bioviotica in our portrait.

Fassisi Logo

Fassisi develops and produces rapid test systems for the veterinary sector based on lateral flow technology. The rapid test systems can be used and evaluated directly on site; no additional equipment or specific laboratory knowledge is required.

Learn more about Fassisi in our portrait.

ColorLite GmbH deals with the development, production and distribution of spectral colour measurement technology. Colorimeters are used in quality assurance and for scientific purposes.

Learn more about ColorLite in our portrait.

data-quest Logo

data-quest develops database software for the research sector, medium-sized companies and administration according to specific individual requirements. For customers, the use of “bespoke” software results in considerable cost and time savings both in the development and maintenance of the databases.
In addition, data-quest is responsible for the further development, distribution and support of the learning management software Stud.IP developed at the Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Medienwissenschaft (ZiM) [Centre for Interdisciplinary Media Science] at the University of Göttingen. Stud.IP serves as an internet-based support system of university courses.

Erfahren Sie mehr über data-quest in unserem Portrait.

SerNet Logo

With the advent of widespread Internet access for companies and public institutions in 1995/1996, came the increased demand for measures in the field of IT security. SerNet continues to develop an extensive portfolio in the areas of IT security, compliance, data protection and open source software as an IT systems house. SerNet is active worldwide; 10% of its revenues are in US dollars.

Learn more about SerNet in our portrait.

Prof. Schumann GmbH-Logo

At the beginning of the 1990s, Professor Matthias Schumann developed rule-based expert systems at the Chair of Information Systems at the University of Göttingen. With these systems, decision-making could be supported or completely automated in selected problem areas.

Learn more about Prof. Schumann GmbH in our portrait.

Sartorius helps researchers and engineers develop and manufacture medications - from the initial idea to production. This company is regarded as one of the oldest spin-offs of the University of Göttingen.

Learn more about Sartorius AG in our portrait.

LAMBRECHT meteo GmbH_Logo

In 1859, Wilhelm Lambrecht opened his precision mechanics workshop where he developed meteorological measuring technology products of outstanding quality. LAMBRECHT meteo GmbH emerged from this traditional company in 2015.

Learn more about LAMBRECHT meteo GmbH in our portrait.

Stellenwerk Logo

Do you have a Göttingen-based start-up and are you alumni or still student at the University of Göttingen? Then we support you on your way to find new employees over our online job portal Stellenwerk with a special offer: The first premium inseration in Stellenwerk Göttingen is free and you receive a 50% discount on all further inserats for a whole year. For further information please contact Claudia Kohrell.