Economics of Sustainable Agri-Food Systems


  • New Article on Animal Welfare: Over 20% of Irish Dairy Farmers Choose Ignorance Over Reality in Calves' Transport

    We investigated 546 Irish dairy farmers’ choice to view a picture of transported dairy calves and find that over 20% of farmers prefer to remain in a state of ignorance. Farmers and farms’ characteristics appear to influence the probability to view the image and a treatment exploration suggest that the farmers’ decision is not a survey artefact.  Link to paper

  • Special Issue Call in ERAE

    Working on Information economics in agri-food systems?

    Contribute to the Special Issue on Information Economics in Agri-food Systems at European Review of Agricultural Economics. Deadline 28 February 2024. Find out more

  • Ausschreibung für eine Abschlussarbeit (Master/Bachelor)

    Nahrungs- und Flächenkonkurrenz der Milcherzeugung
    (Bayrische Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft)