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Scholarships for students from families unfamiliar with tertiary education

  • Employers' Associations in Lower Saxony: "Outstanding achievers wanted!"
    Funding is granted to students with outstanding achievements, preferably in MINT subjects, mainly first-generation students, also designated as "educational climbers". In addition to financial assistance, scholarship recipients are granted non-material support by a mentor and direct contact with the sponsoring company.

  • Heinrich Böll Foundation
    Target group: Students and doctoral students of all subjects. In addition to its traditional main target group in Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts and Cultural Sciences, this programme now also addresses in particular students of Economics and Business Administration, Law, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Journalism. Scholarships are granted in particular to:

    • Women, primarily in subjects in which they have been under-represented so far
    • Students and doctoral students with a migration background
    • Applicants from non-academic parental homes