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Energy and expenses

Dear Colleagues,
Dear Students,

The increasing costs of energy is also becoming more and more of a hardship for the University of Göttingen. Just as every tenant or house owner experiences the financial impact when receiving the energy bill, the University suffers just the same. The Facility Management is currently implementing an 11-point programme with which we aim to get the horrendous energy costs under control. We cannot do this without the help of our University employees. You are the ones who can responsibly, environmentally and sparingly use energy. You are also the ones who can uncover potential for saving energy and must make suggestions for improvements. Without your help, all of our efforts will not make enough of a difference.

This page aims to give you ideas of how you can help reduce energy consumption and avoid a cost explosion. This begins with small measures at your place of work and ends with large technical or structural changes. I am already looking forward to hopefully very many and creative suggestions from you.

Best regards,
Professor Dr. Joachim Münch
Vice President