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Green electricity

The foundation of the university incl. UMG has an electricity demand of approx. 125 GWh/a. This electricity is not produced completely by the university itself; a share of 47.6 GWh/a is purchased. The additional electricity demand is divided approximately equally between the two parts of the foundation. For the southern part of the university, the electricity is purchased through the tender of the state's chief financial officer. This is certified green electricity without coupling of origin. In addition, since January 1, 2022, the university has been purchasing electricity with the "Grüner Strom-Label" certificate to supply its other properties. In particular, the university's energy-intensive new data centre with its high-performance computers is supplied with this green electricity. This enables an annual reduction of approximately 19,000 tons of CO2 at CO2 avoidance costs of approximately 6.2 € per ton of CO2. A decision by the UMG on the procurement of green electricity is still pending.

Natural electricity with the "Grüner Strom-Label" certification is of particular high quality. For more information, visit