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Learning Latin

Anyone requiring knowledge in Latin (intermediate Latin certificate/certificate of proficiency in Latin) can acquire this knowledge in the course of studying. Several possibilities are available in Göttingen:

The Seminar of Classical Philology offers courses in Latin for students with and without previous knowledge during the period of lectures, as well as supplementary holiday courses. Details of time schedules and venues can be found under the Seminar's schedule in the university calendar as well as in special announcements. Registration takes place via StudIP. For more detailed information and a list of courses, please click on the adjoining link.

The Faculty of Theology
offers courses in Latin for students of various subjects in addition to ancient Greek and Hebrew. You will find a list of courses under the adjoining link.

Supplementary university entrance examinations
The examinations in Latin and Ancient Greek are held before a State Examination Committee. Relevant information can be obtained from the Brunswick District representative of the Lower Saxony Board of Education, Ms Klischka. You can find contact details on the Classical Philology homepage at