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Arabistik / Islamwissenschaft (M.A.)


You can choose wether you study Arabic-Islamic Studies (M.A.) in german language or in an english language option Arabic-Islamic Studies (M.A.) without german language proof.

Students gain in-depth insights into the Arab-Islamic world: subject areas such as the history and culture of Islam, Arabic literature, as well as the religion of Islam are the focus of the programme. Students learn the Arabic language at an advanced level. Another language of the Islamic cultural area or a second Semitic language should also enable them to access non-Arabic sources on Islamic intellectual and cultural history.

Arabistik / Islamwissenschaft
Master of Arts (M.A.)
Standard period of studies:
4 semesters
Start of studies:
only winter semester
Teaching Language:
German, Arabic

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The Master's programme "Arabic-Islamic Studies" is a consecutive programme that builds on relevant BA programmes to provide both academic and non-academic qualifications in the fields of the history and culture of Islam, the religion of Islam and Arabic literature.

The Master's programme "Arabic-Islamic Studies" serves both scientific and non-scientific academic qualification. The knowledge acquired in the Bachelor's programme on the history and culture of Islam, the religion of Islam as well as Arabic literature is deepened in the courses. The students acquire a deeper understanding of the larger developmental contexts of Islam as a religion and way of life.

The passive and active mastery of the Arabic language is deepened in the language exercises. Learning another language of the Islamic cultural area or a second Semitic language should enable students to understand and analyse non-Arabic sources on Islamic intellectual and cultural history. The Master's programme "Arabic-Islamic Studies" is suitable to enable students to work independently and to recognise and solve scientific problems. The relevant courses are designed as subject-specific teaching with an interdisciplinary approach. The focus is on original Arabic texts that are of fundamental importance for understanding the religious, intellectual and cultural history of Islam. The focus is on the teaching and application of innovative research questions in Hadith Studies, key topics of ethics and education in Islamic societies, as well as discourses and phenomena at the interface of secularity and Islam in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Students are also introduced to current methodological issues and the international state of research in Arabic and Islamic Studies. The degree programme qualifies students for the fields of activity described below by imparting subject-specific knowledge and methodological-analytical skills relevant to the professional field. Furthermore, it creates the scientific basis for further studies in doctoral programmes.

The M.A. degree is a prerequisite for further qualification in the academic field and related activities in research and teaching. It qualifies for country-specific activities in the diplomatic service, in national and international organisations, in companies as well as for activities in cultural mediation areas, such as museums, libraries and publishing houses.

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The degree programme can be studied in 3 different profiles.

  • Joint Honours MA totalling 42 credits in combination with one module package (minor) totalling 36 credits
  • Joint Honours MA totalling 42 credits in with two module packages (minors) totalling 18 credits each

You apply to a study profile.

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